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If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth. . . a Guest Mini-memoir

DK Matai, a blogger and business executive I met in Geneva several years ago, sent out a message to his incredible world-wide network of friends that seemed like a pure gem of experience to me.  My father’s favorite saying was, … Continue reading

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Google Trends and Memoir

Have you ever used Google Trends?  You can find the website here.  The home page tells you what subjects are “hot” because they have appeared frequently and recently in both blogs and news sources online.  Right now, for example “Kemba … Continue reading

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Memoir as a Healing Art

Becoming Whole:  Writing Your Healing Story by Linda Joy Myers belongs in your library of books about memoir.  Like Tristine Rainer’s Your Life as Story, Maureen Murdock’s Unreliable Truth: Memory and Memoir, Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, and Patty … Continue reading

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What Have You Learned From Your Students?: A Mini-Memoir

If I had to boil down the answer to the question above to one word, what would that word be?  Curiosity, honesty, courage, persistence, gratitude, hope, forgiveness, love? And how did I learn it?  Was it from the student evaluations … Continue reading

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Mini-Memoir: How Long Have I Been Teaching Memoir?

How long have I been teaching memoir writing? On its face, the answer is, “not very,” but I can also truthfully say “about 40 years.” How can both be true?  The recent teaching comes in the form of workshops I … Continue reading

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George Bush's Memoir Book Deal: Decisions

Well folks, the deal is struck.  Our former president will in fact write a memoir to be published by Crown.  Apparently he wrote 30,000 words already!  That’s more than 500 words/day.  Pretty good productivity, wouldn’t you say? Read all about … Continue reading

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What Are Your Memoir Questions?

One of my blogging friends, Sonia Marsh, ( introduced me to a Mennonite blogger from Paraguay, Betty Wiens (  I am grateful for the connection and recommend both blogs to you, dear reader. Betty Wiens did something on her latest … Continue reading

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