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Let Us Now Praise Famous Women: Cheri and Cherri

Last week was national Administrative Assistants week, and I would like to pay tribute, today, to two of the finest ones I know.  This also happens to be the last week I will be working with Cheri Dundon,  (pictured on … Continue reading

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Memoir and Management: A Path to the Corner Office?

The New York Times runs interviews with CEO’s of various companies in a series called “The Corner Office.” On Sunday April 26, 2009, the subject was Richard Anderson, of Delta Air Lines as interviewed by Adam Bryant. Since I taught … Continue reading

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Contests, Gilchrist, and a Poem: Mini-Memoir

Without the Kalamazoo Gazette Literary Award Competition of 2007, I would not be writing this blog.  Each year the announcement of the award kicks me into gear again, and I review what I have written that might fit.  The writing … Continue reading

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Holding Class Outdoors: A Springtime Mini-Memoir

People often ask me, “What do you miss most about not being a college president anymore?”  My answer always is “the students.” Right now students and faculty at Goshen College are frantically preparing for the end of the semester and … Continue reading

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Ava's Man: A Review And A Question for You

The top 100 memoirs list we are constructing here is not a scientific one.  At the rate we are going, 81 posts in 9 months, and only 18 reviews so far, it will take five years to get to 100 … Continue reading

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All Over but the Shoutin': A Review

This book reminds me of the wilted dandelions my son used to gather and bring to me in springtime–not the dandelions themselves but the look on his face, beaming with pride and ardor.  Rick Bragg has never lost that feeling … Continue reading

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You Can Go Home Again–A Mini-Memoir

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, likes to call itself the Garden Spot of the World.  If you travel to Lancaster in the springtime, you understand.  The greens penetrate deeper than the human eye can see, and the earth, well, it’s as soft … Continue reading

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My Mother's Pulpit: Published Memoir, Contest Winner, Ethical Dilemma

Ask memoir writers what their greatest challenge is and many will say, “how and when do I share my writing with the relatives and friends who are part of my story?”  Up to now, when I finished a personal essay, … Continue reading

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The Happiness Project Model: Exploring My Goals for Blogging

This blog post will test-drive a new category:  writing tips and marketing tips.  My goals in setting up this blog were four-fold: 1.  To learn more about social media by practicing it. 2.  To educate myself about the genre of … Continue reading

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Intellectual Awakening–A Mini-Memoir

I was in second grade.  The teacher put a word up on the chalk board and asked us to figure out what it was.  M-A-N-U-R-E Looking back, one wonders why Mrs. Rothenberger picked that word for a competition to motivate … Continue reading

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