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My Mother's Pulpit: Published Memoir, Contest Winner, Ethical Dilemma

Ask memoir writers what their greatest challenge is and many will say, “how and when do I share my writing with the relatives and friends who are part of my story?”  Up to now, when I finished a personal essay, … Continue reading

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The Happiness Project Model: Exploring My Goals for Blogging

This blog post will test-drive a new category:  writing tips and marketing tips.  My goals in setting up this blog were four-fold: 1.  To learn more about social media by practicing it. 2.  To educate myself about the genre of … Continue reading

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Intellectual Awakening–A Mini-Memoir

I was in second grade.  The teacher put a word up on the chalk board and asked us to figure out what it was.  M-A-N-U-R-E Looking back, one wonders why Mrs. Rothenberger picked that word for a competition to motivate … Continue reading

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Mini-Memoir: What I Learned from Students in Haiti and the Ivory Coast (on SST)

The question comes to me from a blogger in Orange County, CA, who has a following in her own blog from ex-patriots all over the world.  What did you learn from your students in Haiti and in the Ivory Coast? … Continue reading

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Memoir Clusters: A Guest Blog Post

Today’s guest blogger is writer and editor Lanie Tankard who is a long-time friend.  My husband Stuart enjoys taking credit for Lanie’s romance and marriage to Jim Tankard, a professor of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, because … Continue reading

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