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Don't Call Me Mother: A Memoir That Teaches When to Hold 'em and When to Fold 'em

Willa Cather once said that nothing is more exciting in life than to get inside the skin of another person. Sometimes I get that feeling when I make a new friend or have a deep conversation with an old one.  … Continue reading

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Why Blog? Seth Godin and Tom Peters Explain the Benefits

Remember how to get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice? Blogging gives those of us who are spending the majority of our time doing something else the chance to write, get feedback, write, get feedback, and get better! But Godin … Continue reading

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Papa Hemingway's Memoir: A Moveable Feast Redux

If you write a memoir, don’t die before you publish it! That’s one lesson to conclude from the ways in which the Hemingway family and scholars have debated in print over the posthumous memoir A Moveable Feast. Below you can … Continue reading

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Tips for Writers from National Association of Memoir Writers

Sharing writing tips is one of the goals of this blog. So today I pass along a few tips from the National Association of Memoir Writers. I recently joined this organization out of interest in finding other memoir writers and … Continue reading

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Boy, Did I Love Lucy: A Mini-Memoir

If a genie had appeared to me when I was ten and offered me anything my heart desired, the answer would have poured out of me. Some girls want ponies. Some want Barbies. Some are generous enough to think of … Continue reading

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Memoir Contest News: Win $500

The good people at the journal Memoir (And) sent me a request some time ago about their contest.  I should have notified you in May, but you still have until August 15 to get an entry together. Here is the … Continue reading

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"But Enough About Me: What Do You Think of My Memoir?"

Books about memoir tend to be serious. Writers theorize about the role of memory, wonder about its reliability, and offer suggestions about how to write artfully. This one is different. Nancy K. Miller has written a witty and thoughtful book … Continue reading

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The Girls from Ames: A Group Biography/Collective Memoir

“Sociologists now have data showing that women who can maintain friendships through the decades are healthier and happier, with stronger marriages, ” says Jeffrey Zaslow in the introduction to The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women & a Forty-Year … Continue reading

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My First Rock Concert: A Mini-Memoir

Rock music is like a foreign language to me even though I graduated from high school in 1966 and college in 1970. Like many explanations of my most anomalous behaviors, this one goes back to being Mennonite. And a little … Continue reading

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Malcolm Gladwell's Memoir–Did You Know He Wrote One?

If you have read The Tipping Point or Blink, or if you watch talk shows or read The New Yorker, you don’t need an introduction to Malcolm Gladwell. Every book he writes becomes a bestseller. Gladwell claims he’s no genius.  … Continue reading

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