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Nostalgia: How Important to the Memoir Writer? Reader?

One of my colleagues, Deb Higgins, sent around an email that has evidently gone viral.  It depicts lots of items remembered only by Baby Boomers and their elders. I used the skate key picture from that email as an illustration … Continue reading

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Britt Bravo's Links: Contests, Reading Challenges, Carnivals

Britt Bravo is a little more than half as old as I am and twice as smart. So she’s perfect as a consultant. You can find her online in many places, but here is her website. When we spent an … Continue reading

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Touchstones: Keys to a Great Memoir

Guest blogger Lanie Tankard returns today to talk about memories of her childhood using  “luminous particulars”-a phrase borrowed from Jane Kenyon and Ezra Pound via my former colleague at Goshen College Ann Hostetler. Lanie’s word for those wonderfully evocative objects … Continue reading

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100Memoirs Celebrates One Year: So Much Change, So Much to Learn!

My first post to this blog took place August 9, 2008. It was a birthday present from my son Anthony, who has his own blog. Since then, there have been 118 other posts and 398 comments. Thank you, dear readers! … Continue reading

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Twenty Tips after Forty Years of Marriage: A Mini-Memoir

Marriage does not come with an instruction manual. Wise couples get some kind of counseling, often from the minister who marries them. They hear about marriage being complex and sometimes challenging – and listen without believing– in the same way … Continue reading

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The Year of Magical Thinking: A Memoir to Read and Reread

When Joan Didion’s husband John Gregory Dunne dropped dead on December 30, 2003, he was in the middle of a speaking a sentence in their living room. She was mixing a salad for their dinner. As I write these words, … Continue reading

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Eight Tips for a Great "Staycation": A Mini-Memoir

You know that feeling you get at the end of an exotic vacation to Disney World or New York City or Istanbul? Or the feeling in August that summer is slipping through your fingers? A feeling akin to nausea? You … Continue reading

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