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Why Are We Here? Roger Ebert's 100 Answers to that Question in Films

Scroll slowly over this picture. Do you recognize the famous film critic Roger Ebert? I knew that Ebert had battled cancer, lost weight, and kept on going. What I did not know, until I saw that picture and read the article … Continue reading

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Who's Being Bagged–Alexandra Penney or the Buyers of Her Memoir?

Remember when we looked at one of the casualties of the Bernie Madoff scandal–artist and blogger Alexandra Penney who got a book deal to tell her story? Here’s the blog post from February 12, 2009 catalogued under the catagory “memoir … Continue reading

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Black is Universal: E. Ethelbert Miller Radio Interview on Speaking of Faith

E. Ethelbert Miller spoke to Krista Tippett recently on her American Public Media program “Speaking of Faith.”  Tippett described the conversation as a “jazz riff,” and I think you will agree that Miller, who is poet, spiritual seeker, memoirist, and … Continue reading

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Five Google SB Memoir Ad Parodies–Which One is Best and Why?

It had to happen. Since the Google Super Bowl Ad was creative, popular, and infinitely repeatable, we had to start seeing parodies of it. But so soon? Three days after the Super Bowl, five parodies, from light to dark in … Continue reading

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24 Memoirs in 28 Days: Check These Out as We Build the Top 100!

For those of you searching the web for “top memoir” reading lists, here is a new resource. Angela  Kelsey, a Twitter friend, is challenging  herself to review 24 memoirs in the next 28 days. She has reached Day 4 already, and … Continue reading

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Google Ad as Memoir: Fabulous!!

For me, this ad was the best part of the Super Bowl! What did you think?

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Listen to Six-Word Memoirs on NPR

Want to hear people from all over the country call in their life stories in six words? It’s a pretty good way to spend 17 minutes! Just click here.

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Mary Karr and Augustine: Spiritual Autobiography in the 21st Century

Edward Short’s review of Mary Karr’s Lit (which I also reviewed here), contains a few paragraphs very relevant to all memoir writers. I invite you to read the complete review here. Short’s insights are brilliant. Here are the four most relevant … Continue reading

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Tell Your Travel Story–Win a $3,000 Vacation

Can you tell a great story in 450 characters- just about three Tweets? If you entered the six-word memoir contest a few weeks ago, you should be in good shape to try this new contest from GoAhead Tours. They will give … Continue reading

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