Google Ad as Memoir: Fabulous!!

For me, this ad was the best part of the Super Bowl! What did you think?

About Shirley Hershey Showalter

Author of memoir Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World. Blogging about Magical Memoir Moments and Jubilación -- vocation in the second half of life.
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8 Responses to Google Ad as Memoir: Fabulous!!

  1. clifh says:

    It sort of reminds me of a haiku poem. It says much with little. My daughter picked this as the best of the Super Bowl ads. I missed it the first time, and only knew about it from her description. I’m glad to have the opportunity to view it with the link you provided.

  2. Dora Dueck says:

    I didn't watch the Super Bowl so can't vote on the best part of it. But this is certainly clever — such a heartwarming story, as love stories are, and which, good for them, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy about Google to boot! 🙂

  3. clifh says:

    Here's an idea for a follow-up to your Six Words contest: Your life story in six Google searches.

  4. shirleyhs says:

    Clif and Dora, So glad you could enjoy. I like the idea of your life story in six searches. Will have to think about that one. Want to try it out on yourself? It could actually be a good plot development tool, since desire is such a key part of what drives a good story. What desire or set of questions drove me in early, middle, and late life??

  5. Gutsywriter says:

    Is this Google ad actually a memoir? I'm confused as I'd like to read the book. Sounds like it's promoting France, and the French language. I'm off to London and Paris May 9-23rd. It's my Dad's 85th birthday and he lives in Paris.

  6. shirleyhs says:

    Sonia, the Google ad is a memoir only in the sense that the searches tell a life story–or suggest one. We imagine a young man going to Paris on a foreign exchange program, spying a beautiful Parisian girl, trying to learn the language and the culture, getting confused, courting long distance, and eventually marrying and preparing for a baby. All this in Google searches. There is no book, but there are echoes of Hemingway's Moveable Feast in this ad. I reviewed that memoir and highly recommend that you read it and take a copy with you on your trip to Paris in the Springtime. What a delightful opportunity. Hope you and your dad have a wonderful time.

  7. How clever of you to equate this with memoir. I hadn't watched any of the Super Bowl ads this year, but glad you brought this one to our attention.

  8. shirleyhs says:

    Thanks, Kendra. Thanks for stopping by!

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