Laughter and Family in Memoir Writing: Guest Blogs and an Upcoming Giveaway

 “What makes us laugh out loud?” is the question I am asking as I re-read Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. Next week I will try to answer that question for a guest post  I plan to send to Matilda Butler at the great website If you have not discovered this website, I recommend that you click on the link. It includes not only a blog but many other resources for memoir readers and writers.

  I am also pleased to announce that I will also host a guest post here at from Linda Joy Myers on March 24 and an interview with her on March 25 about her subject “How to Write your Memoir and Still Go Home for the Holidays.” Linda Joy, who is an author, teacher, and therapist, will talk about what we owe other people, especially family members, who show up in our own published memoirs.

Linda has generously offered a giveaway of her new book The Power of Memoir to one of the lucky commenters on her guest post. I will explain how the giveaway works at the time I post Linda Joy’s essay.

Linda Joy also heads the National Association of Memoir Writers, a website that offers both free resources and membership for people engaged in memoir writing. You will also find a Facebook fan page for the organization. I recommend exploring this online community.

Both of the topics for these guest posts–the role of humor in memoir and the ethics of writing about family member–surfaced in the comments section of my review of Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. If you followed that conversation, you will want to read these guests posts also.

Guest posting is still new to me. I am grateful to Lanie Tankard, who offered two excellent guest essays in this space about memoir clusters and touchstones. One thing I love about blogging is that I learn something new every day. Growth happens faster when I connect to other writers. I love to share what I learn with you.


About Shirley Hershey Showalter

Author of memoir Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World. Blogging about Magical Memoir Moments and Jubilación -- vocation in the second half of life.
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3 Responses to Laughter and Family in Memoir Writing: Guest Blogs and an Upcoming Giveaway

  1. Gutsywriter says:

    Thanks to you I discovered the womensmemoir website and have listened to several podcasts on their site. I am off to Naples, FL Wednesday and when my flight lands in Fort Myers, I decided to check out a writers group in Naples. I look forward to reading your interview with Linda Joy Myers. Will it be a podcast or written Q&A?

  2. Susan Allstetter Neufeldt says:

    What a lot of wonderful things you are doing! Keep it up!

  3. shirleyhs says:

    Thanks, Sonia and Susan. Hope you find a great group in Naples, Sonia. The interview will be written Q & A.

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