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Another Mennonite Memoir: The Steppes are the Colour of Sepia

 My fellow memoir reader Clif let me know that the review I wrote of the following book has now been published in the Mennonite Quarterly Review. It has not been posted online yet, so here it is for those of … Continue reading

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Memoirs for High School Students: Do You Have a Suggestion or List?

Last weekend three of my college friends and I met in the beautiful home of my friend Tina in Virginia. We first spied each other in September, 1966, when we played hookey from college orientation sessions and walked to the … Continue reading

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Kay Redfield Jamison's Nothing Was the Same: A Review from

Lanie Tankard has honored me with several guest blogs, and has hosted guest reviews from both Lanie and me. So it is only fitting that when Lanie reviews a new memoir–Kay Redfield Jamison’s Nothing Was the Same— for Matilda … Continue reading

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Memoir as History of Awe: Richard Kauffman on Theolog

Richard Kauffman is book editor for The Christian Century magazine and a personal friend. He created a blog post recently about memoir and has granted me permission to copy and past it here.  If you like, you can also visit … Continue reading

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Five Best Memoirs: A New List by Norris Church Mailer

Every so often I “Google” key words related to this blog–like “best memoirs,” ” memoir blogs,” and “top ten memoirs.” If you do the same–Google “best memoirs”–right now, you will come across this article in the Wall Street Journal by new … Continue reading

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Another Blessing, Two Toasts, and a Slideshow: More Wedding Memories

This has been quite a year for our family! Just nine months ago, we were celebrating our son Anthony’s wedding to Chelsea in Manhattan. I wrote about the toast we gave at that wedding then. Yesterday, I posted the blessings … Continue reading

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Defining Memoir–With Tongue Firmly in Cheek

Thanks to Richard Gilbert, whose wonderful blog Narrative I highly recommend, I can include a link  guaranteed to induce a chuckle. One of the goals of this blog focuses on the quest to understand memoir as a genre. What differentiates … Continue reading

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Two Wedding Blessings for Our Daughter and Her New Husband: A Mini-Memoir

Yesterday our only daughter became a bride and wife. Today is Mother’s Day. Need I tell you that my heart was full this morning, even before Stuart placed a handwritten card and a cup of Starbucks coffee on the bedstand and … Continue reading

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The Original American Memoirist? Walt Whitman!

What could be a better, and more honest, title for a memoir than Song of Myself? I had not thought of Whitman as the originator of American memoir (usually slave narratives and captivity narratives are given credit for this honor), … Continue reading

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