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A Perfect September Day

Corn fields ready for harvest along the Kal-Haven Trail What is more beautiful than a day in September? Today the answer was, “nothing!” I am looking out the window in my office right now as the sun is setting in … Continue reading

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Jonathan Franzen’s Genre-Bending FREEDOM: Part II

On September 24, 2010, Part I of Lanie Tankard’s comprehensive review of Freedom was published here. Today the review concludes with a fascinating report on Jonathan Franzen’s visit to Austin, TX, Lanie’s home. Channeling Walter Cronkite, Lanie makes you believe … Continue reading

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Jonathan Franzen’s Genre-Bending FREEDOM: Part I

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, August 2010. Available in hardcover, CD, digital audio, and ebook formats. Reviewed by Lanie Tankard Author Jonathan Franzen, an avid birder, has trained his binoculars here on a different species: … Continue reading

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Shall I Follow Jane’s Friedman’s Great Example? Or Just Let Jane Do It?

Jane Friedman has 22,679 Twitter followers, some of whom could more appropriately be called devotees. It’s worth getting a Twitter account just to follow her. You’ll soon see why she has built a rabid tribe. She’s smart, ahead of the … Continue reading

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Judging a Book By its Cover: Rosanne Cash’s Composed

Your mother told you never to judge a book by its cover. Right? Well, your publisher isn’t likely to tell you that. And, admit it, when you go into a bookstore, you don’t follow Mom’s advice either. The cover of … Continue reading

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City of Tranquil Light: A Fabulous Pre-Publication Book Giveaway

I’m so excited! Today I got three shiny new hard copies of Bo Caldwell’s brand new novel City of Tranquil Light.  Caldwell wrote the bestseller The Distant Land of My Father, her first novel set in WWII Shanghai, in 2001. … Continue reading

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Presidential Memoirs, College Essays, Tony Blair Memoir: Memoir in the News

Memoir is in the news! Do you know how many copies of Barack Obama’s memoirs have sold? Which was more popular, Jimmy Carter’s memoir or Bill Clinton’s? Check out the answers to these and other presidential memoir questions here. An … Continue reading

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