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The Magic 100 Number–Could You Memorize 100 Poems?

100 seems to be a magic number for lots of educational enterprises. We on this blog are collecting lists of good memoirs, are trying to read and review 100 memoirs, and are learning about the genre through reading, writing and … Continue reading

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Voice and Place: A Resonant Connection

These mountains in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia are teaching me about voice. The picture on the left  represents a small slice of the panoramic view we first saw from the window of our new house when we were seeking … Continue reading

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Connecting Voice to Touch: What I Learned About Writing from Max DePree

“Find your own voice,” say the writing experts. Easy to say. Hard to do. In another post on voice, I described how helpful it was for me to try to visualize my voice as a farm. Today I am pondering … Continue reading

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Bird Cloud: A Memoir Reviewed by Lanie Tankard

Constructing a House, Deconstructing a Life By now you know that when Lanie Tankard pens a guest post review of a memoir, you want to read the review whether or not you read the book! Bird Cloud: A Memoir by … Continue reading

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Finding Voice: Part One

Once, when I was a young professor asked to speak in the Goshen College Afternoon Sabbatical lecture series, I was helped by an unexpected source–my five-year-old son Anthony. We had just returned from nine months in Haiti, where our family … Continue reading

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