Two Mother’s Day Memoir Treats–In Case You Missed Them

“What We Nurture” with Sylvia Boorstein from On Being on Vimeo.

I love Krista Tippett’s American Public Media show called On Being. The broadcast she did on Mother’s Day, seen in video above and in this online link–an interview with Sylvia Boorstein–allows the listener to experience the power derived from claiming motherhood (and grandmotherhood) as central to one’s story in life. Two thumbs up!

And I love six-word memoirs. Did you see the responses published in The New York Times to the Mother’s Day six-word memoir contest? Check them out! They are poignant, cute, hilarious, and profound.

What came to your mind as you watched or listened to Sylvia Boorstein? Or as you interacted with the online meditation and poetry that accompany the interview?

Have a six-word memoir about your own mother to share?

About Shirley Hershey Showalter

Author of memoir Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World. Blogging about Magical Memoir Moments and Jubilación -- vocation in the second half of life.
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5 Responses to Two Mother’s Day Memoir Treats–In Case You Missed Them

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  2. Duane Shank says:

    What immediately came to mind without much thought –

    Didn’t always understand, never stopped loving.

  3. Duane Shank says:

    Poignant is fine. How about

    Loved God, family, music, good food.

    And I’ll stop now – this 6-word idea just intrigues me.

  4. shirleyhs says:

    Warning: six-word memoirs can be addictive! Keep going. Share with family and friends.
    BTW, here’s more. I did several blog posts on this subject. Here is what the search button dredged up. Scroll down several posts to find the contest I did. And the video. I think you will enjoy them.

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