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After You Die: Do You Want to Live on Digitally? Want to Become an Influential Hologram??

Sometimes all one can say to an idea is “wow.” That’s the way I felt after watching Mashable editor-in-chief Adam Ostrow’s five-minute TED talk below. Writers may not admit it, but one of their desires is to leave evidence that … Continue reading

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A Query Critique Focusing on the Hook: Taking Care of Mother When Mother Didn’t Take Care of You

Marla Miller, of Marketing the Muse, explains to a writer with excellent credentials how to make her query letter stand out by strengthening the “hook”: I agreed with Marla’s advice. Did you? Would you want to read a memoir on … Continue reading

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February 27, 1943, Anne Frank’s Diary and Barbara Ann Hess’s Diary

 Thank you, readers, for letting me know you’d like to see side-by-side journal entries of the two girls pictured on the left. Today I want to be three people: (1) an American Studies scholar who functions as a detective, reading … Continue reading

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Two Diaries of Two Young Girls: Anne Frank and Barbara Ann Hess, 1942-1943

Everyone knows the story of Anne Frank, (1929-1945) the young Jewish girl who kept a diary while hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam from her thirteenth birthday (June 12, 1942) until August 4, 1944, shortly after her 15th birthday, when … Continue reading

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Top 50 Memoir Blogs

I know how helpful lists can be. The thing readers search for most in this blog is a list of best memoirs, whether it be Mary Karr’s, Sue Silverman’s, or my own. But this week I was honored to have … Continue reading

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Another Way To Hope–A 9-11 Survivor Tells Her Story

My first post on 9-11 this week asked for stories. One friend, artist Erma Martin Yost could not just write a comment. Her heart and mind were bursting. So she sent me an essay, which I immediately asked permission to … Continue reading

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The Architecture of Grief: A Review of Project Rebirth

When guest blogger Lanie Tankard, who has reviewed a dozen other  books on this site, read my last post about Courtney E. Martin, she was ecstatic because, unbeknownst to me, she had just finished a review of Project Rebirth and … Continue reading

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