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Shirley Kurtz on the Difference Between Writing Memoir and Fiction

Welcome today to Shirley Kurtz, another memoirist and Mennonite. Shirley and I graduated from Eastern Mennonite College (now university) and both of us have used our English majors as writers all our lives. Shirley, however, began writing books long ago and has … Continue reading

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Janet Oberholtzer: Because I Can

Janet Oberholtzer and I have a lot in common. We both grew up Mennonite in Pennsylvania. We are both living lives we never imagined as children. Janet’s story, as you can see from her memoir book jacket, describes her miraculous … Continue reading

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A Memoir Writer’s Self-Publishing Success Story: An Interview with Mary-Ann Kirkby

Mary-Ann Kirkby, who grew up in a Canadian Hutterite colony until the age of ten, and whose memoir has been a publishing sensation in Canada, has kindly agreed to answer some questions. I chose her publishing story as the focus … Continue reading

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I Am Hutterite: A Lovely Memoir from the Canadian Prairie

I probably wouldn’t have found this book if it hadn’t been on sale at the Green Valley Book Fair, a huge book warehouse located close to Harrisonburg, VA. The hardcover price is 19.99, but at the Book Fair it was … Continue reading

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Another Mennonite Memoir: The Steppes are the Colour of Sepia

 My fellow memoir reader Clif let me know that the review I wrote of the following book has now been published in the Mennonite Quarterly Review. It has not been posted online yet, so here it is for those of … Continue reading

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