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An Exclusive Love: Author Interview

Here’s another memoir author interview of a memoir that’s been translated into 15 languages and is soon coming out in paper after a successful hardcover run. Learn from the author directly! 1. Please describe the plot of your memoir briefly. … Continue reading

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Chinaberry Sidewalks: Another Excellent Crazy Childhood Memoir by Rodney Crowell

Welcome new guest blogger, Richard Potter. Below you can learn more about him and more about an excellent memoir from singer/song writer Rodney Crowell. If you love memoirists Mary Karr, Rosanne Cash, and Jeanette Walls, you will love this one … Continue reading

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Shirley Kurtz on the Difference Between Writing Memoir and Fiction

Welcome today to Shirley Kurtz, another memoirist and Mennonite. Shirley and I graduated from Eastern Mennonite College (now university) and both of us have used our English majors as writers all our lives. Shirley, however, began writing books long ago and has … Continue reading

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The Accidental Memoirist: How a Writer’s Rare Disease Became the Catalyst to “Overnight” Literary Success

I am thrilled to share with you a lovely essay written by Jon Reiner, whose new memoir describes what it is like to live with the medical command NBM, nothing by mouth — no food, no drink. For three months. If you … Continue reading

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Composing a Life: Counterpoint in Memoir

If you missed Fine Arts 101, read Lanie Tankard’s review below and click on all the links. You will enjoy the ride–especially since a lot of those links take you to countries and cities in Europe. Lanie is heading off … Continue reading

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Sisterhood of the Wild Rose: A Review of Moonlight on Linoleum

I met Terry Helwig when she brought her amazing Thread Project to The Fetzer Institute several years ago. I could tell then that her passion for peace comes from a deep place. Lanie Tankard’s review of Helwig’s new memoir confirms … Continue reading

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Take a Roadtrip in Your Armchair: The Road to Somewhere by James A. Reeves

Lanie Tankard, reviewer extraordinaire and world traveler, is about to set off for distant lands — again. Before she left, however, she sent in this review. Reading it is an adventure in itself. Enjoy! The Road to Somewhere: An American Memoir. … Continue reading

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