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My First Podcast: On Dancing with Change, Grandmothering, and Leadership!

Brian Paff, a very creative young leader-in-the-making at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, interviewed me for his podcast series at the Laurelville website. Brian wrote a press release about the series of three speeches I gave at Laurelville April 30-May 1. … Continue reading

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Memory and Truth–Three Different Memoirs from One Family

You may have read about how Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs created dissension in his own family and in the family of Dr. Finch, the psychiatrist with whom Burroughs went to live at the age of 13. There have … Continue reading

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Two Mother’s Day Memoir Treats–In Case You Missed Them

“What We Nurture” with Sylvia Boorstein from On Being on Vimeo. I love Krista Tippett’s American Public Media show called On Being. The broadcast she did on Mother’s Day, seen in video above and in this online link–an interview with … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3: A Memoir Stimulus Package

When Stuart and I saw Toy Story 3, I remembered one of our more delightful experiences while in Prague last year–a trip to the Toy Museum at the base of the huge castle in Prague, Czech Republic. At the time … Continue reading

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Five Google SB Memoir Ad Parodies–Which One is Best and Why?

It had to happen. Since the Google Super Bowl Ad was creative, popular, and infinitely repeatable, we had to start seeing parodies of it. But so soon? Three days after the Super Bowl, five parodies, from light to dark in … Continue reading

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Google Ad as Memoir: Fabulous!!

For me, this ad was the best part of the Super Bowl! What did you think?

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Listen to Six-Word Memoirs on NPR

Want to hear people from all over the country call in their life stories in six words? It’s a pretty good way to spend 17 minutes! Just click here.

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Man on Wire: Enough Inspiration for Film, Memoir, Novel

Philippe Petit has blown me away. And so has this film about his life, focused on the day in August,1974, when he walked on a cable stretched between the South Tower and North Tower of the World Trade Center. I … Continue reading

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Ben Yagoda on NPR: Great Overview of Memoir History

Two days ago I posted an NPR story summary with my own slant on it. It got picked up on and reached hundreds of viewers, instantly becoming my most viewed post. That was exciting. Thanks,! Come to think … Continue reading

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The Blind Side and Invictus: Two Movies Worth Watching

I have always been a sucker for a good sports story–even though as a Mennonite farm girl I was not allowed to play competitive sports myself. One Saturday afternoon in the mid 1960’s, while I was performing one of my … Continue reading

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