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Chinaberry Sidewalks: Another Excellent Crazy Childhood Memoir by Rodney Crowell

Welcome new guest blogger, Richard Potter. Below you can learn more about him and more about an excellent memoir from singer/song writer Rodney Crowell. If you love memoirists Mary Karr, Rosanne Cash, and Jeanette Walls, you will love this one … Continue reading

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Dialogue and Memoir: A Challenge, A Method, and Two Mentors

Like 497, 651 other people, I have “liked” David Sedaris on Facebook. You can too, if you click on his name. You can help his PR people to say he has half a million FB fans. Wow! Recently an interview … Continue reading

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John Lithgow’s New Memoir — Drama: An Actor’s Education

Sometimes a memoir knocks you over even before you read all of it. Such is the case with John Lithgow’s Drama: An Actor’s Education. I’ve read about it, listened to the author, and read a chapter of it at the Diane … Continue reading

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Leon Fleisher’s Memoir My Nine Lives: Reviewed by Beverly K. Lapp

Introducing Beverly K. Lapp, Associate Professor of Music at Goshen College. Bev came into my life first as a student at Goshen College, then as a faculty colleague. She writes as well as she plays piano and teaches–which is saying … Continue reading

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Patti Smith Memoir Wins National Book Award: Read Lanie Tankard’s Beautiful Review

Yea, Patti Smith, winner of the National Book Award in nonfiction for her memoir, Just Kids! Yea Women’s Memoirs! Yea, Lanie Tankard! Women’s Memoirs is a great place for readers and writers of memoir. I have featured the work of Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett, who … Continue reading

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Judging a Book By its Cover: Rosanne Cash’s Composed

Your mother told you never to judge a book by its cover. Right? Well, your publisher isn’t likely to tell you that. And, admit it, when you go into a bookstore, you don’t follow Mom’s advice either. The cover of … Continue reading

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Rosanne Cash: Composed

I have always had a fondness for the best of country music and have always enjoyed making fun of the worst. One thing is true about country music: you get a lot of memoir packed into most of those three-minute … Continue reading

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