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Marla Likes It! A Query Critique Lesson

Remember the old Life cereal commercial? “Mikey likes it!”? Here it is again. If Mikey likes it, it’s got to be good. Well, in memoir query critique, if Marla Miller likes it, the same is true. She’s a tough critic, … Continue reading

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A Query Critique Focusing on the Hook: Taking Care of Mother When Mother Didn’t Take Care of You

Marla Miller, of Marketing the Muse, explains to a writer with excellent credentials how to make her query letter stand out by strengthening the “hook”: I agreed with Marla’s advice. Did you? Would you want to read a memoir on … Continue reading

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Another Short Memoir Query Letter Critique Video–And a Lovely Shout Out from Marla Miller

Marla Miller has been helping writers “market the muse” for a long time. Now she is sharing her knowledge of the publishing industry via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Here’s a recent video featuring a memoir called Nadia. Imagine my surprise … Continue reading

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Memoir Query Advice from Marla Miller: Subject Matter–Incest and Moms

A number of readers asked to see Marla Miller critique more query letters. So here she is again from her Youtube channel. You can also read her critique of another memoir at The Writer magazine online. If you have never … Continue reading

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Want to Write a Great Memoir Query Letter? Marla Miller Can Help!

Meet Marla Miller, marketing expert, blogger, writer, columnist in The Writer, workshop giver, and query letter critique-er I first met Marla in 2007 when I attended the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference. I was totally new to both creative writing and … Continue reading

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Help Marla Contact Oprah: She Wants a New Show About Conscious Aging

 I met Marla Miller at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference in 2007. She taught the marketing workshop which came highly recommended. She has a no-nonsense style of teaching and interviewing that I respect and enjoy. I took the class again … Continue reading

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