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Chinaberry Sidewalks: Another Excellent Crazy Childhood Memoir by Rodney Crowell

Welcome new guest blogger, Richard Potter. Below you can learn more about him and more about an excellent memoir from singer/song writer Rodney Crowell. If you love memoirists Mary Karr, Rosanne Cash, and Jeanette Walls, you will love this one … Continue reading

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Top 50 Memoir Blogs

I know how helpful lists can be. The thing readers search for most in this blog is a list of best memoirs, whether it be Mary Karr’s, Sue Silverman’s, or my own. But this week I was honored to have … Continue reading

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Mary Karr’s Secret–Humility and Confidence–Interview in the Paris Review

Mary Karr has done it again. Maybe I should say that Amanda Fortini has done it–meaning that the interview Fortini published in The Paris Review with Karr as a subject is wonderful. If you haven’t read any of Karr’s poetry … Continue reading

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A Letter to Mary Karr

When Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Beecher Stowe met for the first time, the President allegedly said, “So you’re the little lady who started this great war!” When it comes to 21’st century memoir, one can make the case that Mary Karr … Continue reading

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The Festival of Faith and Writing: A Feast of Flowers and Words

The Dutch know how to grow tulips–and writers! Every two years the good folks at Calvin College put on a Festival of Faith and Writing that attracts thousands of readers and hundreds of writers. And what a good time we … Continue reading

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Mary Karr and Augustine: Spiritual Autobiography in the 21st Century

Edward Short’s review of Mary Karr’s Lit (which I also reviewed here), contains a few paragraphs very relevant to all memoir writers. I invite you to read the complete review here. Short’s insights are brilliant. Here are the four most relevant … Continue reading

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Top Ten Memoir List from Mary Karr

As you know, the goal of this blog is self-education in public.  I am trying to learn about memoir by reading and reviewing great examples of the genre, books about the genre, and offering some mini-memoir on the way. When … Continue reading

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