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Memory and Truth–Three Different Memoirs from One Family

You may have read about how Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs created dissension in his own family and in the family of Dr. Finch, the psychiatrist with whom Burroughs went to live at the age of 13. There have … Continue reading

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Smell: The Memoir Writer’s Stimulus Package

“What smells trigger memory for you?” My niece Joyous Derner asked the above question on her Facebook page a few days ago. She got lots of responses, which led me to remember a wonderful book:  Diane Ackerman’s A Natural History … Continue reading

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The Center for Mennonite Writing: Issue on Personal Writing

The English department of Goshen College has created a Center for Mennonite Writing online, including a new journal.  The latest issue deserves special mention because it is about personal writing, life writing, or as we know it here, memoir. One … Continue reading

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A Moveable Feast: Classic Memoir, Classic Metaphor

On the memoir bookshelf in my home office sit at least 100 memoirs.  Many of these are classics I read long ago without thinking of them as memoirs.  Some, like the one I focus on now, are famous books that … Continue reading

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Fetzer Workshop on Reflective Writing: The Conclusion

Today I finished leading the last 1.5-hour workshop in a series of four which took place at the Fetzer Institute. I think the title of this workshop–Timed Writing–may have scared away potential participants.   Sounds as jolly as retaking the SAT.  … Continue reading

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Meditation and Memoir

My daughter Kate and I had a wonderful conversation on Monday about the difference between fantasies, feelings, and actions.  I resolved to get back into the practice of meditation as a result of that conversation.  I am fortunate to work … Continue reading

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